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A stye refers to a red, tender bump on the eyelid. It is caused due to a severe infection in thestye free eye pic oil glands of the eyelid. This infection is brought about by the bacteria named staphylococcal aurous. This bacterium is commonly present in the nose from where it can spread towards the eyes if a person rubs the nose and then touches the eye area. Due to the presence of these infectious bacteria in the nasal passage the practice of nose picking should be strictly avoided.

Styes generally wither away within a week or so, hence, medical treatment is not necessary in every case. Styes are not risky for the eyesight. However, if they tend to recur then a doctor should be consulted. The symptoms of styes include swelling, redness and pain in the eye region.

The styes can be treated at home easily. The styes treatmentis as follows:

Besides the above mentioned remedies, the person affected by a stye should avoid excessive intake of sugar and starchy foods. Styes are contagious so one should avoid popping a stye or touching it with hands as the germs from the hands can worsen the infection. The following complications make it necessary to visit a doctor to avoid any serious trouble: In case of the above mentioned complications there should be no delay in visiting a doctor.

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