Is stye contagious?

A Stye is a small bump in and around the corner of the eyelid. This is due to an infection in sebaceous gland caused by Staphylococcus bacteria. It occurs when the glands get affected by bacteria.

Stye basically occurs due to bacterial infection and this infection may occur due to poor health hygiene. It could be due to repeatedly touching eyes with dirty hands, using dirty contact lenses and using expired make-up products, not removing make up properly.

Styes are highly contagious that is it spreads from one person to another. If a person suffering from sty touches his eyes and without washing his hands touches another surface then the other surface becomes contaminated. If another person touches that surface and after touching the surface touches his eyes without washing hands then he will also get stye. So one should always follow the basic rule of cleanliness and should always wash hands before touching eyes and if a person is suffering from sty he should never use eye makeup or wear contact lens.

It generally heals on its own. The boil swells and it is filled with pus. Mostly it bursts and the pus is discharged. However by using some homemade methods the process can happen faster and also one can be relieved from pain.

A very good option can be giving warm compresses with clean cloth several times a day. There are certain things that can be added to the water to give compresses like turmeric, coriander seeds. Aloe leaf can help in reducing the itchiness in the eye. The leaf should be slit lengthwise and the pulpy side should be placed on the eye. We can see a doctor and antibiotics can be used as per his advice if the sty persists for long.

If we use these homemade treatments we can cure stye. But as we know prevention is better than cure so by following basic rules of cleanliness we can prevent stye.

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