Itchy Sty Treatment !


Learn How to Get Rid of Itchiness During Stye Infection

Sty is a red color swelling in and around the eyelid which is due to bacterial infection. It isItchy Stye Treatment painful. It grows into a boil and drains within a week naturally. It has an itchy feeling also as if a foreign body is inside the eyes. It is very irritating and hampers the normal day to day work. It may affect the vision. One feels like rubbing and squeezing it and if rubbed or squeezed the condition worsens.

Instead of squeezing one should use warm compresses several times a day. A clean cloth dipped in warm water should be used for the compress. Cotton soaked in water can also be used. It helps in draining and also gives relief from itchy sty.

One tablespoon of coriander boiled in water and water strained and cooled can be used as eye wash.

Wet tea bags are very helpful in giving relief from itchy sty. They can be placed on eyes for 8 to 10 minutes several times a day.

Guava leaves warmed and placed on a damp cloth can be used as a compress.

A paste of potato spread on a cloth and then applied on the affected area is of great help.

Mix turmeric powder in two cups of water. Boil the mixture so that it is reduced to half cup. This mixture should be strained from a cotton cloth and used as an eye drop twice or thrice a day.

Alum dissolved in water can also be used as an eye wash.

Clove can also be applied. A clove can be put in warm water and applied directly on the sty. They can also be used by wrapping in a cloth as a compress.

Apple can be boiled, mashed and wrapped in warm damp cloth and applied on the eyes gently. This should be done at least twice a day. Aloe leaf silted lengthwise can be used. Its pulpy side can be placed on the eyes.

One can even use ointments available in the medical shops. These ointments also give relief from itchy sty and also prevent the growth of bacteria.

Itchy Sty can be treated by following these tips but along with it cleanliness should be observed.

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