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Over the Counter Stye Treatments

Stye is a lump in and around the corner of the eyelid. They are painful, itchy but theyover the counter sty treatment generally disappear on their own. Stye is a bacterial infection caused by staphylococcus. This bacterium is found in the nose and reaches the eyes by touching the eyes with the same hands with which the nose was rubbed. It appears in the form of a swelling which grows into a lump.

The eyes become painful, red and watery. The vision can also be blurred by it. It generally drains on its own within a week. It has an itchy feeling as well as if a foreign body is present in the eyes. One should neither rub nor squeeze the eyes as it may worsen the condition.

Instead warm compresses can be given several times in a day. Clean cloth should be used in the process as it may help in healing the sty faster and also in draining of sty because warm compress may open up the blocked pores which in turn help in draining and faster recovery.

One can use over the counter treatment like ointment which can be applied on the affected area. The ointment prevents the growth of bacteria and also heals the sty. Medically prepared solutions can be used to wash eyes during the day. This can give relaxation from itching, pain and swelling.

Solutions like Bausch and Lomb solution can be used for the purpose. Even medicated pads are available in the market for giving a soothing effect in this condition. Ocusoft Lid Scrub can be used. But under no circumstance the eyes should be squeezed. Stye should be left to drain naturally.

One should avoid eye makeup or wearing of contact lenses till the sty heals. Even after this if the sty persist one need to see the doctor and follow his advice.

Even then if the sty does not heal then the doctor operates it and drains the pus out. Good hygiene needs to be followed along with the treatment because then only the sty can disappear.

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