Stye Antibiotic Treatment


Stye antibiotic treatment is a good way of treating stye, an infection in the eye. For an infection caused by bacteria an antibiotic treatment can be a good alternative. Stye is a swelling on the eyelids usually caused by bacteria Staphylococcus.

This is commonly found in the human nose. It is caused by rubbing the nose and then touching the eye with the same hand. They are painful and contagious. They spread by touching. One should observe cleanliness and wash hands before touching face especially eyes. One should not rub the eyes they can lead to spread of styes.

It starts with a swelling and stays for three to four days. It should be given warm compresses several times a day. Even while giving warm compresses clean and soft cloth should be used. It helps the sty to subside and drain on its own. It should not be squeezed else it could lead to further complications.

In fact there are many companies which have come up with antibiotic ointments like Neosprin. One need to apply it on the eyelid and it stays there for sometime. Sine sty infection is caused due to bacteria this treatment not only kills bacteria but also prevents them from growing which is very essential in such an infection.

If the stye swelling stays on for longer period then one must see a doctor and follow his instructions. Eye drops are also an alternative. They can be used for treating stye infection in the eyes. A painful stye caused by bacterial infection can only be cured by antibiotics given by a doctor.

The other ointment manufacturers are: Neomycyin, Foille. While using the ointments for treating stye infection one should always see that the ointment does not enter the eyes but even if it does it is not harmful.

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