Stye under Eyelid

Stye Under Eyelid and its Treatment

Stye is an infection of the eye caused by a bacteria called staphylococcal. Its medical namestye under eyelid is hordeolum. This bacteria is generally found in nose. When a person touches the eyes after rubbing the nose the bacteria reaches the eyes. It is contagious it means that it spreads therefore one should follow the rules of cleanliness.

One should wash hands before touching eyes. It is found in and around the eyelid but mostly under the eyelid. It starts with swelling. It is soft to touch and it is also painful. It slowly develops into a small tender bump. The eyes become itchy and wants to touch and squeeze it should not be done because doing this can lead to complications.

The eyes may water and one may feel as if a foreign body is inside the eyes. Slowly the boil becomes large and is filled with a fluid called pus. At times it hinders vision and one might not be able to see things clearly and he would see blurred image of objects. A point develops in the boil and after 3 or 4 days it bursts out and the pus comes out. During this period one should not press it or squeeze it instead warm compresses can be given several times a day. They not only have a soothing effect but also heal the sty.

Even during warm compresses clean cloth should be used. If it continues for more than a week one must see a doctor and follow his advice. Even ointments are available in the market which can be applied on the eyelash line. They stay there for sometime and prevent the bacteria from growing thus curing the sty. Along with the ointments the doctor may also prescribe some medicines.

Even if after the treatment it continues then surgery remains the only option. Doctor removes the sty by operating it. The operation is done in the clinic of the doctor.

In order to prevent operation one must be careful and take precautions as soon as the signs of sty is seen.

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